Sunday, March 22, 2015

Digging Up the Past!

I've got some exciting news!  I now have the rights back from my original publisher for Digging Up the Past, and it will soon be released by Booktrope.

Booktrope has and interesting concept that I'm rather excited about.  It's called team publishing, and everyone works together to make the books successful.  I'm looking forward to working with them.  I've got the process started, and I'm hoping to move into production soon.

On the book front, as I say, Digging Up the Past will be re-released, hopefully within the next month or so, and I'm hard at work on book two in the Riley Perez D.U.E. series which is currently called Rogue Wolf, but that title is subject to change.

In this book, Riley, Jason, Cam, and all the rest, are looking for a ritual killer who appears to be killing at random.  The chemistry between Riley and Cam is as hot as ever, and we get to know some of the other characters as well!

As a bit of a spoiler, Riley's former fiance, the one who got her brother killed, is back!  Riley's initial urge is to just take him out, but first she's got to figure out why he's at D.U.E.