Friday, February 27, 2015


Welcome to my blog.  I've got book two well underway, and there is a link on this page to one of the blogs about Rogue Wolf specifically, but in other news, I've requested the rights back to my first book, Digging Up the Past, and I will self publish it as soon as I get the rights back.  This should lead to some exciting news in the next few months.

As for book two, I am working my way through the first revision, and Riley and crew have many new cases in store.  This one involves ritual killers who are leaving no trace of a clue behind, and if that's not bad enough, her former fiance, Joey, has turned up at DUE rather than being in jail for killing Riley's brother.

In addition, Cam is back, and while Riley has come quite a way in her understanding of Weres, she still couldn't take him home, even if she wanted to.

I will be posting excerpts from both Digging Up the Past and Rogue Wolf soon, so check back by, and thanks for visiting!!

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